Generational Equity Reviews

Hear from Generational Equity clients in these reviews that delve into everything from the entire exit planning process to the seminar experience and closing a deal with the help of the company’s dealmakers.

Generational Equity is an M&A advisory firm that works with middle-market business owners in the U.S. and Canada to monetize their biggest assets – their companies. The firm has closed the most deals in their space than other organization for the last several years in addition to winning numerous industry accolades.

Review of the Generational Equity Process

Brad Hennrich’s take on the advantages of the Generational Equity process:

  • Put my information into a template that buyers understand
  • Take information to wide group of companies and get me wide group of prospective buyers
  • Give me the support that a lot of us don’t have at a company level

Review of Exit Planning Seminar

Warren Peck’s reflections about the Generational Equity seminar:

  • Had the seminar not been interesting enough, I probably would have left midway through. But it was a good use of my time.
  • There are funding sources I hadn’t even thought of
  • Would recommend for two reasons:
    • All business owners should always be looking for different options
    • I got to thinking about different things I wanted to implement in my business right away regardless of a pending merger or acquisition

Review of a Dealmaker

Matt Matich saw the importance of having a Generational Equity dealmaker:

  • Generational Equity adds credibility when looking for a buyer
  • Dealmaker was able to stop us from hitting the “panic button” after a bad month financially
  • Having intermediary made difficult discussions with buyer more palatable

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