Protect Your Business Against Spear Phishing

From the Desk of Ryan Binkley

Sadly, more and more companies are reporting phishing attempts that have penetrated their firewalls and infected thousands of IT systems. So when I came across an article on how to prepare for and stave off “spear” phishing attempts, I decided I would share it with all of you.

Written by the knowledgeable analysts with the National Center for the Middle Market, the article is full of great ideas on how you can better prepare your cyber defense systems and protect your valuable internal information from hack attacks. But what really caught my attention were these statistics:

“Any company with critical infrastructure to protect should examine their readiness for spear phishing campaigns. According to a recent survey by The National Center for the Middle Market, more than 90 percent of businesses think a cyber event would impact their bottom lines, and two-thirds feel it would be significant. But companies currently dedicate only six percent of their IT budgets to combat cyber risk.” 

This was a shocking revelation to me. And it becomes even more critical if you are in the process of looking for a buyer of your company. More and more buyers are including a full IT audit as part of their due diligence and if your systems are not prepared for this scrutiny, it could impact your ability to close your transaction.

I hope you find the ideas presented by the National Center for the Middle Market on preventing spear phishing attempts helpful to you.

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