Ranger International Deal Making Wins M&A Award

Ranger International Services Group, a private equity consolidator specializing in government services, has been honored by The M&A Advisor for its acquisition of US Logistics. The merger of US Logistics into Ranger International was deemed the Lower Middle-Market Deal of the Year (under $50mm) by an independent panel that reviewed the 170 nationwide finalists in each of 34 categories. Ranger was able to complete 2 acquisitions in 2009, during the worst economic recession in decades, by teaming with First New England Capital, Argosy Investments and Plexus Capital to acquire CAV International and US Logistics. The combined enterprise is expected to finish 2010 with revenue run rates in excess of $100 million dollars and robust operating profits. US Logistics and CAV (pronounced as in “cavalry”) together employ approximately 1,000 people world-wide. These aggressive transactions totaled roughly $28 Million of capitalization by Ranger, despite the troubled economy.

Generational Equity Believes Small Businesses Provide Reliability Investors Crave

Limited growth in productivity in recent years worries economists forecasting the recovery from a deep global recession. At the same time, and perhaps because of the same dynamics, “big” and “slow” are found together in many economists’ forecasts: Big manufacturers and big financial institutions are slowing the recovery, noted Tom Farrell, executive vice president of Generational Equity, which helps privately held and family-owned businesses transact mergers, acquisitions, and strategic growth initiatives.

Selling a Business – Generational Equity

With decades of results and countless experience, Generational Equity’s representatives can effectively position your company in the marketplace and avoid the valuation pitfalls that can underestimate the value of your business.

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Generational Equity and its professionals have worked with Middle Market business owners who are contemplating a sale or seeking merger and acquisition opportunities.

Generational Equity Makes Deals Happen, Even in Hard Times, for Construction Contractors

Conventional wisdom has the generally poor economy wreaking havoc with the aspirations of owners of small and medium businesses looking to find buyers at a time when their own life plans could benefit most. But Generational Equity has brought unconventional wisdom and the power of experience to help hundreds of business owners find attractive deals to sell their companies on their own time lines.

Generational Equity Announces Hiring of Two Managing Directors in Dallas Headquarters

Generational Equity, a global leader in middle market investment banking, today announced the hiring of Barry DeWitt and Steve Heimsted as managing directors for mergers and acquisitions.